Home sweet Home

By Alessandro Carosi

Very often we complain about how small or old our houses are, how small or old our rooms are, Very often we don’t realize how lucky we are to have a roof, to have an air conditioner or a heater, Very often we don’t realize that around the world some people lives with less then nothing, working from morning to night calling home just a little tool’s storage where to place a dirty matress with outside 40 degress.
A house and a room it’s meant to protect you from rain, cold, wind, A house and a room isn’t a place we need to showing off just to show how cool or rich we are!!!!

We forgot the real meaning of what that four walls with a roof means, I hear all the time people dreaming to own a big flat……for what for ?? We are unaware and we go through all life unaware of many things included the fact that more you want, less someone else is going to have, in this planet we got enough resources for everyone if we learn the beautiful art of sharing and caring, there are enough houses, land, nature for everyone but we need to learn that more you want, less someone else is going to have, few years ago travelling in south Italy I went to visit an abandoned town called Craco, a tourist guide showing us the biggest palazzo in the village told the story of those two rich families that owned all the lands in the area, one of them owned the building we were standing in front of, all the population worked in their farms, entire families of 10 people sometime living all together in a tiny house meanwhile this family owned a building that was 10 time bigger then any other in town, he was talking but all I could hear in my head was how those two families had the monopoly of the lands and the people with no other options had to be exploited working 10-12 hours a day for little money, that was more then a hundred years ago, not much changed nowadays, I don’t know how to start it but we need to educate our kids about the beautiful art of love and sharing, we need to teach them the real life value and needs, only like this we can experience this life journey in happiness and peace.

Visiting a farm with a friend I discovered this room where I believe one of two people lived, they were probably seasonal farmers coming from other villages, with an average temperature of 35 degrees and humidity that could reach 90% that is the life conditions for many people around the world, meanwhile the owner of the land had a huge house that had no pourpose except then showing their status of wealthy land owner

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