Once upon time in Auckland and many lives, many masters

By Alessandro Carosi

Today I met a girl I used to work with in Auckland, someone called It coincidences but I don’t believe in coincidences, I know that everything happen for a reason, Just now happened to see that my favourite cafe’ and where I worked for few months is closing down, N 1 queen street cafe I will miss you.
There I met the most amazing people
Uilissi, Amie, Michelle
There I met a wonderful Korean girl that changed my life, There I met wonderful people that became friends, Auckland this magical place that gave me the most wonderful adventures, Where I met an other wonderful girl, a happy and full of energy chinese girl, New Zealand didn’t come in my life by coincidence, everting happen for a bigger purpose, I believe that, N1 queen street cafe’, Auckland, New Zealand…..
I miss you and your wonderful energy will be in my heart forever, how I could be who I am now without you
I love you Aotearoa

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