Where happiness come from ?

By Alessandro Carosi

I wish I would have know him when he was alive but everything comes into our lives when is the right time, with Tiziano Terzani have been like this, I got to know him at the right time, when it was meant to be for my soul, I like what he says especially in the last part of his life, this sentence that I shared a while ago I felt compelled to share it again

“Oggi l’economia è fatta per costringere tanta gente a lavorare a ritmi spaventosi per produrre delle cose perlopiù inutili, che altri lavorano a ritmi spaventosi, per poter comprare. Perchè questo è ciò che dà soldi alle società multinazionali, alle grandi aziende, ma non dà felicità alla gente.”

“Today the economy is made to force so many people to work at a frightening pace to produce things that are mostly useless, that others work at a frightening pace, to be able to buy. Because this is what gives money to multinational companies, to big companies, but it doesn’t give people happiness.”

Tiziano Terzani

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