Life is like an ocean

By Alessandro Carosi

Have been a long way from that humble beginning in San Benedetto del Tronto, time flown and I’m back in London writing again after a long time with my laptop and not with my smartphone, as most of the time life took a different path then planned initially and so far seemed in the best way but when I felt that I was settling down something happened that put me out of balance….for a bit.

As a most of us I’m unaware about how life works, I do have hints every now and then but never enough to really grasp the meaning or the reason to be human, since life took me on a roller coaster again I keep repeating that the only thing we can control is our emotions, the external circumstances seems out of control but we can maintain an inner peace even with a storm, we can be like the ocean, on the surface the wind can form big waves, loud and scary but within the ocean is still calm, we should be the same.

Since I decided to come back my mother had a heart attack, my brother and family moved to London, Covidbullshit19 begun, finding a flat have been hard and now that we found it there are many reason to be worry about, my brother isn’t in his best shape mentally but I believe he will come out of this stronger, a new job keeps me busy all the time, my health isn’t at its best and when everything seemed falling into place my mother fell from a small ladder and broke her shoulder and will have a surgery on Tuesday, can I control all those events ? Seems that I can’t, but I can control how I react to it.

Inner peace, meditation helps me, talking to people helps me, reading helps me, right now I must to be like within the ocean, staying in the now, in the present moment like Eckhart Tolle love to say, let’s find the love even when all around we perceive just hate and madness, let’s find order in what we perceive as chaos.

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  1. Beautiful. I feel positivities and contentment in this post. Life is definitely like an ocean. Different strength of waves come at you but only who can control oneself within can survive. Keep your head above water and you will see the calmness again soon 🦋

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