Once upon time in Bundaberg

By Alessandro Carosi

There was Australia and then there was Bundaberg where a young man met the first of few more Soulmates, this kind Soul would change completely the world of this Italian backpacker taking him to explore a part of the world he would never think about, this part of the planet where most of us don’t know or refuse to begin to travel, this beautiful but initially dark side of the land that happened or maybe we chose to come to spend some time, this far land is actually very close…….it’s within ourselves and can be the most dangerous but rewarding adventure.

2 eyes looking at me in a beautiful night in Bundaberg
Bundaberg river at its best
Bundaberg by night or how someone drunk would have seen it
Here we are back to the past in Bundaberg with the happy japanese fellows in their usual spot drinking after a long day in the farms
The ghost of a drunk backpacker at Federal Backpackers hostel in Bundaberg
I remember that night in Bundaberg, I was high after smoking and looking at that star in the sky thinking if maybe it was my soul looking at me here on Earth

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