In this lifetime my name is Kaori

By Alessandro Carosi

It was a sunny day in Bundaberg and all I knew was I would leave after one year, I would keep seeing this girl in the kitchen and somehow she would draw my attention not knowing why, I never thought about Asian girls and never wanted to be with one, I loved east European women and that’s what I liked to be with, otherwise Italians………
Bundaberg but before that a long story of synchronicities, met a friend in Madrid for new year eve, met again one year later in Amsterdam and one year later we met on the street in my hometown, he was in Australia and ended up working for an Italian farmer, un uncle I didn’t know to have, I moved to Australia and met my uncle that found for me the federal backpacker, there working in the farms and drinking beers in the hostel I would keep noticing this girl Asian girl, tall, strange face, not interested at all, we sat in the beer garden one evening and out of my control she become the most beautiful woman of my life, 2 days before and other days before that she was just a tall Asian with a strange face, someone decided that my brain patterns and desires had to change and she become an angel, we have control?? We don’t
She was Kaori and this song will form an endless legacy that will tied me up to her forever like in kimi no na wa, she gave me this song and together with this drawing will be forever the most beautiful moments of my life, Souls that meet over and over again, lifetime after lifetime and in each journey new lessons, new truth, new awakening.
This song was her pure love as a gift, a healing song that everytime I listen it and I did it almost every day for the last 12 years will heal me from any pain and suffering.

I run away once of 14 years ago…… but you can’t run away from your lessons and till you learn them they will come back

Cristiana, Kaori, Danielle, Julie, Elizabeth they were and they are my Soulmates but this song will be forever remembered as the day that my life begun a wondeful dream ……till now

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