Sometime truly happiness comes from being truly selfish

By Alessandro Carosi

Perth, Australia 2010

It is so strange to look myself back to that time, listening to my voice and looking at my younger human body it almost felt like observing a stranger, I felt that the person in the video wasn’t me, I felt like what I was looking was some sort of Alessandro but not the same, a copy.
10 years is a long time where people can transform completely, looking at myself smiling I could see a truly genuine smile, something I find hard those days and not because my life is much harder but cause emotionally I’m much more sensitive and vulnerable to the world unfairness or maybe is perfectly how this planet should be to learn and heal itself, the video was a beautiful souvenir that gives me more insights about the temporaneity of life and the temporaneity of our body, it change quickly and internally we can change so much that we can barely recognise ourselves.

Thank you Didier
I really appreciated and gave me memories of an amazing time where my life was truly happy …….. paradoxically it was truly happy cause I was Truly selfish

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