Dreams has their own way to tell you things

By Alessandro Carosi

Hello to everyone
I have been join this group for a while and found so many interesting and helpful post
First of all I want to say thank you to the people that created this group and then thank you to everyone cause is wonderful to connect with like minded people
This isn’t my first time writing here and I do in search of help to interpret a few dreams I had
So I want to start saying that few months ago I made a big decision that is to follow my dreams and move to Scotland first and then Thailand to open a cafe with a friend
At first I was so excited about at finally following my dreams with the convinction that after everything else good will follow but now I lost a bit of my faith and I’m worry and scared
Since those feelings arised I had 3 strange dreams that I couldn’t find an explanation and I don’t know if they are connected
In the first dream I was Batman,trust me I haven’t thought about Batman for a long time 🙂 and I was trying to run away from bad people,I was worry but fortunately they didn’t catch me
In the second dream I was at home with my mum And my father(my father died when I was 10) I didn’t dream him for a long time
I was happy with them and then decided to go out when I forgot I didn’t say goodbye to them
I went back home and from the main door I called my family to say see you later but only my mother came out from the window,in the dream I was wondering why dad didn’t came out
In the third dream last night I dreamed I missed my flight to Thailand
What you guys think all of this might mean ?
Thank you to all of you for any suggestion and help
Big love xxxxxxxx

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