It starts within

By Alessandro Carosi

There was a time that nothing would make me happy, there was always a problem, the citiy wasn’t good enough, friends wasn’t good enough, family wasn’t good enough, job wasn’t good enough, relationship wasn’t good enough……it wasn’t good enough cause my Soul wasn’t happy enough, took me a lot of life experiences, Jobs, Friends, Relationships, Countries, to at finally understand it.

Life……what is ? We don’t know, we just born somehow heading to the end collecting life experiences, evolving, sometime doing one step ahead and 3 back but inevitably we are evolving, we develop believes during our lifetimes trying to explain what is going on but we don’t know for real, we aren’t allowed to fully understand it except maybe few, in those years I had the chance to have glimpses of what is going on within ourselves but it felt more like a sort of hints, a little help to understand life but without giving you too much explanations, at 41 I realised that my only happiness has no value but I can use my life experiences to enrich the one of others, I feel now that I’m probably half way to the end of my life journey that the moment that someone begun to find that joy within it make sense to bring it in the heart of others too, trying to come to the end happily all together, I’m on bed now looking at someone that reminds me so much of you and makes me feel, are we all part of the same Soul group ? Maybe we are bored of our endless existences and we create life games where we play as Humans and on Earth we end up meeting each other, helping each other, we are having fun experiencing for a short while the illusion of life and the illusion of time. Whatever ! What we call mistakes are learnings and inevitably in this huge act that is life we gonna have a lot of it, thank you to show up cause without it I would never understand myself and then trying to understand others, what a journey !!!!

I want to share something that I believe from someone of my Soul Karmic Group

“ There is one step to creating happiness. It is to express love. When you express the emotion of love you create happiness and joy within yourself. Happiness is not just a state of mind. Happiness is also a state of emotion.

Psychologists study happiness like it is a mysterious phenomenon. They suggest things like work in a meaningful career, spend time with friends, and take time to savor the day as a means to increase happiness. Why do these things show up as activities to do if you want to be happy? It’s not because they actually make you happy. They cultivate happiness because people express love while doing them. They express love for their friends and family, they express love for work and activities they find meaningful. When people express love they are happy.

If we are enjoying music, it is not the music that makes us happy. It is the expression of our love for the music that creates our joy. If we are happy in our job or career, it is not the job that makes us happy. The expression of our love for what we do creates the experience of happiness. If we are enjoying a beautiful day, it is not the day that is flooding us with emotions. It is our love for the experience of the day that we are flooded with “

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