Why you need heaven if you can have Bundaberg

By Alessandro Carosi

Life in Bundaberg was a real democracy and perfect example of how when everyone shares same value and focus in the present moment then this journey becomes a dream.

We were all there for Renew our working-holiday visa so to stay one more year in Australia, we needed only 3 months but someone included myself stayed almost one year, life was wonderful at that time we didn’t worry about the past or the future, everyday was a new beginning where the main goal was to laugh, to make friendships, working hard but surrounded by the natural beauty of the farms, woodlands and the Australian unique landscape.

There was no rich or poor people, smart or stupid people, cool or losers, no one cared about those things, it all got back where it really belong, the realm of illusions.

The present moment was all we had and we didn’t need nothing else, we enjoyed the now like was the most natural thing and the reward was almost unconditional love, we had our dramas but they lasted a day and then was over.

That experience taught me a valuable lesson that I find so hard to replicate nowadays but that I know to be the only way to go through this journey.

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