The lost international driving license

By Alessandro Carosi

Auckland was a time of endless synchronicities, so many that It was impossible for me keep believing in the realm of coincidences, I had it of any kind, small and big,some of them close to the feeling that what we call reality might be really just an illusion like in the movie ”The matrix” this time I will tell about a small one but still fascinating.
I was off from work and had went out to do some shopping, on my way back home I noticed something on the ground next to a column, for some reason I felt compelled to pick it up, it was an international driving licence and when I opened it for my big surprise I knew the person whom belonged…….it was my brother, I run back home to tell my bro about the discovery, he was more surprised then me cause he didn’t even know he lost it, we can be skeptical and just believe in a coincidence that could have been except that coincidences doesn’t exist, at least in my world, in the reality I live in, for some reason I felt compelled to look down, at the right moment, at the right place, he could have been one second earlier or a second later and I would have miss it but no, it was just in the right moment. As I always say, I’m not trying to convince anyone here but just sharing my life experiences and adding some pieces of puzzle to whom needs it.

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