Peace and Love

By Alessandro Carosi

In a recent article I have been reading that Australian doctors suggested to ban any kind of fighiting sports to kids until the age of 18 years old.
This is what I think, TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!
Not only that, I would even ban kids to watch any kind of violence on TV, from Movies, Cartoons and Videogames We live in an era of violence that I’m not saying it’s just because what we watch everyday, some sports, or videogames, but for sure that is giving a wrong idea to kids about how to relate with other kids.
Honestly seeing in a toy shop selling toy guns and seeing a 4 years old kid in the park playing to kill his old mate should makes people realise that we are teaching them to believe that violence it’s part and a normal thing in our lifes
This is unbelievable and we must to change it as soon as possible, The only thing we must teach our kids it’s about Love and peace, this is what we should teach them at school, make them understand that the strongest isn’t who can beat you in a fight but who can be more Kind and Gentle, I hope things would change one day
Peace and love brothers 😉

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