Internet inside the internet

By Alessandro Carosi

A quick thought for the day after watching a documentary on Netflix about how social media controlling our lives “Social Dilemma”


A new Netflix documentary about big data and social media has got people throwing their phones out to avoid technology.

The programme on Netflix is a documentary-drama hybrid that looks into the world of social media, tackling a range of issues from mental health to surveillance.

The programme looks into how our internet usage and search history are being used ‘against us’. Sounds pretty creepy right?! 

The show’s synopsis reads: “This documentary-drama hybrid explores the dangerous human impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.” ……

It was eyes opening and mind blowing, not because I didn’t know that social media control people lives but the explanation about how it does, data collected and recorded to give us what we need to buy products and what we need to be manipulated, the other thing that blew my mind was the fact that what show up on search engines is different from each person and when searching for something we are going to get the best answer based on our data stored in the system, same as when on Facebook appear articles or videos that match what we have been searching all over the web.

It made me think about Elon Musk when he said that he believes we live in a simulation …..

I thought that if we live in a simulation and like in the internet all our data recorded will give us the type of experience based on what we have been searching in the web in the past, all the data recorded will shape the kind of answers we search or what will show up on social media so it is like philosophers saying that what we think, believe, feel will manifest into our lives, many philosophers believes that present life is the result of our past thoughts and actions like the present answers on the internet is based on our past researches so if we want a different answer we need to start to search something different…….so what if ….. we start to feel, believe that something great will happen and we start to act like it will, so maybe …… that’s what is going to happen, I think that we should try it and give it a shot.

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