Which colour is your Aura ?

By Alessandro Carosi

I met this Japanese girl to one of my Exchange Language meet ups, she was so beautiful and I was desperate to be in relationship that is of course the worst way to start a relationship plus human beings can feel other people energies and desperation tends to repel whatever we wish for, If you think about how many times you heard of someone wanting something so badly and not being able to get it but as soon they surrender and release that attachment what they wanted come to them easily, it works for everything.

Anyway ……

I met this girl to a meet up and we exchanged phone numbers, few days later we went out for a date, oh well it was a date for me but don’t think it was for her, we went to one of my favourite bars in Soho and sat on a comfortable couch chatting about everything, somehow we ended up talking about spirituality and she told me like it was the most normal thing in life that she could see people Auras, she had this gift since she was kid and allowed her over the years to understand people deeply, I asked which colour was my Aura and she replied that was of pale green or blue, I can’t remember exactly now but from the research I did after that meeting it wasn’t a good thing and that night was the last time I saw her so maybe was that bad.

I met extraordinary people in those years and now I can tell you that some people born naturally gifted but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same results, for others will need practice and a lot of going within, I don’t know why some people can easily use those gifts and others no, if is true that we are in a learning school here on Earth then that means that we have different degree of evolution and someone is more advanced then others, here we aren’t allowed to remeber past lives.

From my internet searching I come out with those interesting articles :

The 9 Aura Colors and Their Meanings (+ What They Say About a Person’s Personality) [2020]

Meanings of Aura Colors


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