What if …. there is no one out there and the universe have been created only for us to evolve.

By Alessandro Carosi

All you can read and watch those days is about the covid19 bla bla bla virus, the pandemic, recession and economic related issues, now regarding you believe it or not something undeniable is that I haven’t seen anywhere discussions about the opportunity to evolve spiritually, it feels like people think that they are gonna live forever and anything else Is based on materialistic viewpoints, this is a great opportunity to stop and think, where we are heading and what life is about, start to think if all we want is to continue to Believe on this bullshit we have been told to believe or if there is something more, this is an opportunity to change our perspectives and maybe to think about if…….this universe have been made for us, just for each of us to evolve spiritually, except we stop and close our eyes and hears to all the useless bla bla bla we will miss this opportunity to make this planet a better place.

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