Lights of energy coming from above

By Alessandro Carosi

Everybody journey is different and what I need to learn from life is different from an other so comparing our lives to the one of strangers makes no sense, what make sense is to keep moving forward trying our best to become a better version than what we used to be.

What is my life purpose ? I have been asking this question for almost 8 years now and got no answers except some glimpse that might be something else then what meet our eyes, strange experiences have been popping up any now and then that gave me some piece of puzzles to try to figure out what this is about but I must to be honest I have no clue, I begun to meditate 9 years ago in Auckland where once a bright light started to fill up the darkness and shocked about what was happening I opened my eyes and everything was over, after that day nothing happened while meditating till I come to London, here the most interesting things took place, from voices, visions to what I believe being spirits moving things around to show me their presences, an other wonderful moment was in Edinburgh where I lost completely the sense of my body and I could feel what I could just explain it like being one with everything but retaining my consciousness and individuality, it was amazing and lasted for what I felt being few minutes.

Today I was off from work but not in a great mood and spent grand part of the day meditating but with not great results till in the afternoon, I went to do some shopping and then had a stroll around Brixton discovering some great cafes always in that amazing way that is to get lost in the off streets of the main roads, back home I was tired but relaxed for the nice walk and decided to meditate again, I sat on the bed in the lotus position and closed my eyes, I begun to breath in and out to find balance within and to rise my vibrations that I know is my only way to reach the ”Spirits” and get in touch, slowly flash of energy brighted for few seconds the darkness but it begun to be bigger and more intense, initially was in front of me and then light of energy started to flood toward me from above, it was wonderful, uplifting and felt serene, I wished it would never stop but it did after a minute or so, I can’t really tell what that meant for but I enjoyed it, maybe they were trying to communicate or recharging me, not sure.

I done some researches and that’s what I found on the web

“Meditation: Light from above and below

Once you are settled and your mind is somewhat under control, imagine that there is a stream of bright white light descending and entering the top of your head, filling every part of your body with light and energy that you require. Allow that energy to accumulate in your navel, because this is our energy storage, in Oriental tradition this center is called “dan tien”…..

“Seeing White Light During Meditation

Meditation Experiences

It’s not all that unusual for meditators to have an experience of light during their practice session. The experience may be along the lines of “I felt I was dissolving into an intensely bright white light,” or “I could really ‘see’ swirling lights even though my eyes were closed,” or “My mind was perfectly calm and I became aware of the presence of energizing white (or another color) lights.”…..

“Seeing White Light During Meditation (What It Means)

Have you been seeing white light during meditation?

If so, this is completely normal. At least, seeing colors and images while meditating is. It’s going to mean something, it’s just finding out what it means to you that you need to explore.

What does seeing white light during meditation mean? The color you see while meditating often relates to a chakra in your body. The white chakra relates to the crown chakra and is located at the top of your head”……

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