A small donation could make a huge difference for this family

By Alessandro Carosi

Hi everybody!!! I am a volunteer of Ora Et Labora of San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) see facebook.
We report with URGENCY
A large family with small children,
Oppressed by three very serious problems (just thinking about them brings tears of pain):
1) Serious acts of bullying (the reasons are reserved for the family protection plan)…and because of continuous violence they have to move country (this involves large expenses all at their expense)
2) precarious work and poverty
3) several members of the family have serious PERMANENT illnesses which will gradually lead to the loss of their automatism, but they do not have a sufficient score to receive pensions.
WE URGENTLY ASK FOR A SMALL CONTRIBUTION (long-distance adoption is also acceptable with a small monthly donation):
a drop will make an
Ocean that will save
This family
Suffering. Thank you
From the HEART !!!
Iban: IT53 Y087 6969 4700
0000 0058 862 made out to Ora et Labora.
IMPORTANT: for the reason for payment write: FOR FAMILY IN NEED…
You understand the seriousness, friends, and I understand the difficulty in finding the time…I ask you for an effort worthwhile to keep united and healthier a family to which life has given many trials. THANK YOU and God bless you!


  1. ~ Mister Alessandro ~!~
    ~ I wrote 2 Comments to the same Topic ~ A small Donation could help a Family …
    on 28.Januar here at your Blog ~!~
    ~ I request you still one time to answer me Question, so that i can send my Donation to Italy ~!~
    ~ With kind Regards from Germany ~ P~M~


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