Surviving death

By Alessandro Carosi

I’m watching a TV Series on netflix called Surviving death about Near Death Experiences and everything related to the after death and reminded me about an episode that happened 4-5 years ago, at the time I lived in Fulham and I was back from an important trip in South Korea and Thailand, something happened in Bangkok eating food I guess and since then my health kept deteriorating, at the time I was feeling really bad with low energy, walking balance issues and a horrible nausea that was making my life a hellish struggle, after seeing countless doctors at finally one found one of the problems, a sort of parasite inside my intestine was causing me nausea and fatigue, a microscope motherfucker was the reason of so much pain and was the left over of a really bad food poisoning I had in Bangkok ……… or maybe Spiritual poisoning, the doctor prescribed some strong antibiotic that had many interesting side effects, the most fascinating? I’m not kidding here, the possibility to see and hear people that weren’t actually real, reality is a big word first of all, what the hell is reality in the first place but this is something we gonna discuss an other time.

I was happily enjoying few of the side effects from taking those antibiotics when one day walking back home in my sanctuary in Fulham sands end waiting to across the road I noticed an old man picking his nose inside a car driven by two beautiful blonde girls, I thought what the hell that old man was doing inside that car with two sexy girls? must to be the pimp, I looked away for a second and when the car was in front of me the old man was gone, no sign of him and was impossible he could have left the car so fast, what the hell just happened? did I saw a Ghost or the Soul of a dead person or the antibiotics side effects kicked him that nicely? I don’t know still now but for sure even if it was a chemical reaction then it was so real that I couldn’t distinguish it from the everyday reality, that day was enough for me to questioning life even more and redefine the meaning of ”reality”

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