They show up when you less expect it

By Alessandro Carosi

Edinburgh and Scotland was supposed to happen there is no other way to describe it, already a fortuneteller told me I would move to live in a new country when I didn’t think I would and the way the Universe made it happen was an undeniable truth at least in my life journey.

It was a wonderful experience where I learned a lot about …… Myself and my life purpose if we want to believe that we have one, Edinburgh is where I started to try to understand more the art of Reiki, what happened 7 years earlier in a hostel in London makes me think that I might be a healer like my Grandmother but this gift needs to be developed and trying to understand how to channel those energy is something I wanted for a very long time, on the internet I found a lady in a town outside Edinburgh teaching how to master this gift and in a community centre near my flat 2-3 people every week practice Reiki to anyone in need in exchange of a small voluntary donation, there is where something interesting happened and the reason for this post.

It was my third or fourth time I think to visit those people for a healing session, they are good and felt lighter, calmer afterwards every time but one evening someone visited me, I believe it, an entity that to put it simple to understand I could describe it coming from the other side, if there is an other side and if it was real what I witnessed.

This is the account of that evening, it was a re energising Reiki session where I felt so peaceful and time seemed endless, at some point the hands of the master touched my feet and gently pushed it down, was nice and realised that lasted quite long, normally they touch you just a bit but keep their hands few centimeters away from your body, a gentle voice told me that the session was over and when I opened my eyes the pressure down to my feet was gone but discovered something quite fun, the Reiki master was behind my head and there was no way he could have been so fast to move from my feet to my back, for me that was the visit of some Souls that was able only to get in touch due the fact that I elevated my energy frequency thanks to that healing session, in my life journey I noticed that I’m able to connect with the spirits realm only when I raise my energy and the only way is to stay in the present with a positive and happy attitude.

A week later I was back and had a similar experience but was shorter then the previous week, I can’t prove it and there are so many explanations we could give to what happened but after my previous ”encounters” in the past years and extraordinary events it’s hard to deny it and give it a rational explanation.

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