Fuck you “reality”

By Alessandro Carosi

I was for work in Barnes and when I finished I went for a walk exploring this nice area of London, it is surrounded by parks, woodlands and the river Thames like a snake embrace the village on three sides creating a peaceful and lovely neighbourhood, I was extremely tired physically but not much mentally and enjoyed the narrow streets and the medieval style of the houses, suddenly I noticed a women dressing quite hipster, blonde and with a coat reminding of the one of the American Indians you watch in those old Movies, I don’t know why she drew my attention but maybe because what happened next was meant to make me think at what is reality or the Matrix, I changed direction and went back from where I was from only to find out that that lady was not too far in front of me, here the weird facts, there was no way she could reach that part of the walking path, between where I saw her first and after a huge block of houses and even if there was a hidden passage she couldn’t have been that fast, I chased her to ask questions but she disappeared like a ghost.

What happened ? I won’t know for the moment and doesn’t matter which explanations we could give it, nothing will change the idea that reality got very little meaning to me nowadays.

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