What’s for???

By Alessandro Carosi

I feel like awake within a world that still asleep but what if I’m still asleep too and dreaming all this journey that I call life, long time ago the society structure lost all its meaning and what I had left was the need to be on service helping who is in need, this understanding arrived after years of changes and learnings, now it seems so obvious to me that this is an illusion, I mean the materialistic attainments, career, what is all for? When at the end there is death or maybe the transformation in something else, all the synchronicities I had, the miracles and so on that is soo hard to put into words all I want at the end ……. is Love, the spiritual Love because I can become the richest barista in the world and I don’t give a little shit.

Now that the materialistic needs are gone I can see clearly that what I really need and I believe everyone needs it is Love……for ourselves and others.

I want to learn to Love unconditionally but is sooo hard in this heavy human body is like there is some sort of gravity that pull down all the Love I want to give, what is life then? Why we are here? What’s the purpose of all our struggles? Is there evil and good or all is one? I’m more tired then ever and no where I can run away like a prison without walls or maybe a huge prison that seems not having walls or boundaries but our planet does have some sort of it.

All I can do is to keep moving on till the end

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