Fuck you Brother

By Alessandro Carosi

What is life? A learning school? A prison? What is? All I wanted is people to be happy, I’m prisoner of this existence and I’m forced to witness sadness and struggles, I wanted to stop history repeating itself and finding myself within a story that doesn’t change its course and what is worst that I see it in the eyes of a 2 years old little girl and the artificer is the same person that knows what are gonna be the consequences of some actions, I want to cry knowing that no one really will bother cause everyone got their own challenges, I want to see love but tonight all I can see and feel is hate, I want to disappear but I’m forced to be here and suck it up, when out there all you have is madness all you can do is only to control your emotions and find somehow something that will anesthetize the pain till the time will heal it by itself.

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