A videogame called Humans

By Alessandro Carosi

Are we inside a videogame like the sims? Sometime I feel like we are, long time ago I believed we were then my life believes changed and now I’m back to the simulation theory, that Elon Musk stole the idea from me…….maybe.

A friend reccomended me to watch Nirvana a cult movie from the 90s written and directed by Gabriele Salvatores, the movie is famous but never watched till tonight, as I learned in my life journey we have the experiences that are meant to be for us at the time that we have it, no such a thing as earlier or later….just on time and perhaps that’s why I decided to visit Niddry Castle

after one year from the event that took place on the Union canals that lead me to see a glowing swan and strange synchronicities that had a castle part of it and that only after one year at finally I visited, in a past life regression done in London I recalled or I wanted to believe to be in middle age abusing of a woman inside a building that I felt to be this castle located between Edinburgh and Linlithgow, that day I felt to be the place I was in that past life regression and today one year later I made the choice to go to see it, nothing of magical or spiritual happened except the wonderful journey from The Royal Mile to wichburgh where the castle is located and like many philosophers says, isn’t the destination the goal but the journey and I felt it stronger then ever at this stage of my life.

It was a great day that will be remembered and the movie an amazing encounter that was meant to be and needed to teach me something, love is the answer in this sort of simulation that we call life and maybe the programmer of this game is someone with a kind Soul.

Here is where the adventure begun……https://anextraordinaryandordinarylifeblog.wordpress.com/2019/05/13/the-end-is-just-a-new-beginning/

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