We are the immigrants

By Alessandro Carosi

Isn’t easy the current world situation, isn’t easy to decide if let boats of immigrants come to Italy but I would like to remind to all the Italians proud of Salvini refusing help to those people running away from the war with the hope of a better life that if other countries would close their ports to us Italians we would stuck in Italy without a job, without money to even buy food and ruled from a corrupted governament and a rotten, narrow minded culture that in all those years is what brought us to this economic crisis.
We are like them with the only difference that we came by plane, don’t forget that most of our parents included my father that moved to Venezuela after the Second World War by boat like them, a war caused not by people but by greedy corporations and politicians in love with money and power, same things happening now in other parts of the world and led those people to have to run away from what they knew to unknow and uncertain future, The problem isn’t the immigrants the problem is who play with our lives drove by money and power.

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