You can make coffee and share wisdom

By Alessandro Carosi

Today someone asked me if it was hard to manage 4 staff at my cafe’…….. Isn’t hard to manage people you just need to tell them what to do, do this, do that, If they don’t do it you tell them again until they do it, Do you know what is hard?
It’s hard to make them understand that life isn’t all about money, isn’t about making so much money that they can buy a villa, a ferrari, Isn’t about own a business to make people think you are successful, Isn’t about having power over as much people as possible.
What is hard is to make them understand that life is about respect, kidness, That life is about helping as many people as possible if we can, That life is about free time to spend with the people we love, That life isn’t about working 50-60-70 hours a week and going back home so tired that we can’t even talk to the people we love, That in life we are all one, we are all brothers and sisters, We are all human beings.
I want to teach this, I want to advice this
I don’t want them to learn just about making coffee or customer service, I want them to learn about love.
We need it so much right now, We can do it, we can change this world.
This world isn’t meant to be the way it is, We can make this planet heaven on earth but we need more kind people, I believe we can do it.
Isn’t easy but we can do it.

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