Just trying to help a friend

By Alessandro Carosi

Hello dear friend
I wanted to send you a personalized message, but I didn’t get a chance, however consider it as I wrote it just for you.
I am a volunteer who is dedicated almost 24 hours a day for those who are suffering.
I want to speak to you with my heart in my hand and many tears that are bathing my soul:
I am experiencing a moment of despair for a family with children that I have known for 10 years….
They have serious issues that are causing me to suffer deeply, but Jesus tells us:
There is no GREATER thing than GIVING YOUR LIFE for your friends.
they have three problems that make them unique in their pain:

  • the three children have serious illnesses, but still no recognition of assistance from the government.
    -the father lost his job almost a year ago because of covid
  • they have been bullied and to this day have run away from the council house where they live.
    Now they have finally received one, but they have to make a lot of expenses on their own (about 7-8000€)
    I have asked associations and organizations, friends and relatives… but now I have to widen the net because the expenses are so many.
    I thought that having so many friends both real and virtual, if each of us of good will and great sensitivity put, always in freedom,
    of small drops … according to our possibilities we can together save this family because they risk losing the council house and find themselves homeless and sick children, which I have followed and follow personally, we must try to avoid it.
    I ask your good heart for a drop to make a small ocean to raise this family full of trials. God will give us credit for it. And I ask you also and above all to pray a lot for them. Thank you

Here is the iban (Postepay Evolution in the name of Ivo Gabrielli)
IT54U 3608 1051 3823 8683 638 688

IMPORTANT: for the reason write for FAMILY NEEDED

Or postepay number
4023 6009 7906 1456
that I created especially for them. I ask only a grace … Maybe an answer anyway … Because it makes me happy to know that you have read the message I wrote with all my heart and my sincere pain. You can also contact me at 338 16 11 201 (Ivo) for further explanation. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the Lord bless you!!!

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