The powerful healing energy of Reiki

By Alessandro Carosi

Some people don’t believe in healers, I do, my grandmother was a healer and I witnessed in person many gifted people capable to help others using their hands as tool to channel healing energies from the other side, yesterday I met an other wonderful being that discovered her purpose and now using it for the benefit of all human race, have been a tough year and not because the covid but for many other reasons that builded up so much negativity that now its coming to the surface as ill health, back pain sometime headaches, few weeks ago I met someone that was meant to be and find out was opening a Reiki practice in my second home, Fulham and felt compelled to visit her, I wasn’t thinking to do any Reiki till that moment but spontaneously I decided to ask for an appointment, we met in the afternoon the weather was insane changing from summer to winter in matter of few seconds, same as my internal mood.

I was a bit restless but I was able to relax a bit, the session lasted more then a hour and I could feel her warm energy around my body, there was moments where all the negativity coming out gave me the saddest emotions of depression, giving up and suicide and I could feel those vibrations slowly been removed from my Soul, when we finished I was lighter, serene and at first didn’t realise it but my back pain gone, a back pain I carried with me since my last visit in Edinburgh after visiting a castle I believe I lived in a past life with someone I’m dealing again in this lifetime, today I felt so in peace like I didn’t for a long time, my mind clearer about what to do next and Joy I didn’t have for a very long time.

I need to learn to shield myself from all the negativity out there and from the one closer to me otherwise I will go back from square one.

I want to say a big thank you and grateful for the amazing experience, if anyone need some Reiki I will attach the details to how contact this angel.

Have a wonderful day to everyone

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