We are energy and we might preserve it after Death

By Alessandro Carosi

I spent years researching about Near Death Experiences and talking to people that personally or that knew people that had it, stories are amazing and now back to get info after watching a great Disney movie called “Soul” I didn’t have any personal occurrences that makes me to go around telling everyone that is true, I will when it will happen to me but something I can say is that I’m made of a powerful energy and this same energy creates my reality, the right word is I co-create it, in my life journey I can’t deny that is true, I’m a powerful energy being inside a costume I call human body and I’m able to shape the external existence, all the time, my emotions are what can transform everything, in good or bad, that’s why is so important we keep our emotions under control and the same reason I believe who is in a position of power knows it and kept the population with the most destructive emotion, fear.
Emotions is the engine that can transform our reality, the highest frequency create the best reality and is so important we mantain our feelings under control, grounding ourselves and don’t let any negativity took over.
Love is the highest frequency but we are the only one that can chose that, in my life journey we are the creators but too create our desires we must tune to the highest frequency.

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