Don’t fear Death

By Alessandro Carosi

We are energy connected with everyone, we are part of everything and everything is part of us and if we realise it we would live happier with our brothers and sisters, our emotions create and transform things and that’s the reason they want us to be afraid to be scared and distract cause fear create hell on Earth in our personal universe, you need to go beyond the illusion and restarting what you perceive living in the present in a state of bliss and contentment, they can’t penetrate that state they need you afraid so they can use your fears.

This is a temporary journey don’t be afraid to die because even if you die what you left, this Earth full of wars and anger so why are you scared to Die, there is nothing to be worry, if after death there is nothing then why to be worry if there is something else then life continue and we transform or we go back to be energy, you must remeber to mantain your energy field clear from any worries, as I always say in my journey I created anything I wanted, beauty and beasts, heaven and hell and still making mistakes but I have proof that my emotions change my external reality so is my responsibility to mantain my energy field strong and powerful and the only way is living in the now in the present moment, to connect to everything out there you need to connect within yourself then you can embrace the world.

This is an interesting article I would love to share with you


There are only two kinds of people. Those who believe that they are a victim of the world and those who understand that they are the world.” – Alan Watts

Most people are unaware of how powerful they truly are and even if they’re aware of the concept, they haven’t a clue on where to start or how to create the life they deserve. Too often we get stuck in repetitive thought patterns. A cycle of negativity that has been wired into our brains; manifesting the idea that everything in the world is happening to us, rather than creating a world where everything happens for us…..

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