We don’t chose to be Vegan cause we have no choice then Evolve

By Alessandro Carosi

We Evolve and there is nothing that we can do to stop it, we evolve inevitably and for the best, to be Vegan isn’t a choice cause the path to understand Love is a compulsory one even if require centuries to reach it so that you tell others that we were born meat eaters is like to say we were meant to live without electricity and water.
We all heading to Love ourselves and others and inevitably soon or later we all gonna embrace veganism as a form of love for all living beings, we can’t escape this transformation otherwise you could escape your birth and death so quicker you give up your ego and faster the change.
If we were meant to be meat eaters so we should meant to ride horses, to have kings and queens, we should give up phones and fly by plane.
We were meant to nothing but we are meant to Evolve.


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