A past life regression into my bank account

By Alessandro Carosi

This isn’t a complain about the money spent for the past life regression cause I already knew how much I would pay but I strongly believe that someone that claim to have gifts and to want to use them to help others and then charge you £165 working in a office in Marylebone, well they want mainly help themselves even if they convinced themselves they are doing it for others.

I have been recommended this psychic from a friend that is psychic herselves and had a lot of expectations, I feel was a bit disappointing not being able to go into any of my past lives but I know it could happen and to pay so much money that means that people that can’t afford such kind of therapy they are cut out so again even in the spiritual world in this planet only if you are rich you can get into it.

The session, I was hypnotized or at least feels like I was not sure about it but I felt sort of paralysed unable to move, I don’t think I went into any past lives even if some strange images come into my mind but nothing that would make me scream…..wow!!!!! What’s happening? The only thing I found extremely interesting was that my body was expanding like I was losing it and reaching the unity with the universe, it felt very strange, my hands first felt was increasing in size and then my body and head, bigger and bigger slowly losing the feeling of my flesh like I was dissolving but maintaining my consciousness.

This is the only wow!! Wow!!! Moment, I know where I was getting into and I don’t have regrets but again a psychic or self claimed psychic that charge so much money then the only people they want help is their bank account, my grandmother was a psychic and many people would come in my house to be healed from her, she never charged money and she did it cause genuinely wanted to make a difference in other lives and left an impact in how I see those healers, you aren’t here to make money out of your gifts if you have it you are here to help other human beings trying to understand what is life and make their journey easier then yes you are honestly trying to help, we are humans and sadly we can use our gifts selflessly or selfishly.

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