An illusion called reality

Shared by Juanito Thebaker

WORLD AGENDA: written by Albert Pike, writer, journalist, co-founder of Kadosh, August 1871: The Covenant of Secrets] ′′ An illusion we will produce, so enormous, so vast that it will escape the perception of those who will perceive it will be considered insane. we will create separate funds so they can’t go back to us. Our behavior will systematically go in the direction of illusion. Our goal will be fulfilled drop by drop so that we will never be suspicious. This will also be used to mask the changes when they occur. They will always stay out of their field of experimentation because we know the secret of the absolute. We will always work together and always be bonded by blood and secret. Death will be the reward of the betrayer. We will make them short lifespan and a weak and demoralized mind while preying to do the opposite. We will use our scientific and technological knowledge in a subtle way so they never see what’s happening. We will be using light metals, sedatives and aging accelerators in food, water and air. We will cover them with poison from all angles. Light metals will make them lose their minds. We promise them to find treatment through our various funds while continuing, however, to the poisoned even more. These poisons will be absorbed intra-skinned and orally; they will destroy their minds as well as their reproductive functions with the consequences of stillborn children whose cause will be covered. Poison will be hidden in everything around them, in what they drink, eat, breathe, dress. We will have to be ingenious in his deliverance because they have eyes to see. We will teach them that these poisons are good for them through entertaining images and music. Those they look up to will help us, we will use them to promote these poisons! They will see our product consumed in movies and get used to it and never know the true effects. At birth, We will inject poison into their blood and their children by convincing their parents it’s for their own good! we will start at an early stage when their minds are young. We will be seducing the children to what they love most; sweets. When their teeth get damaged we fill them with lead, which will damage their brains and jeopardize their future. When their learning abilities are diminished, we will produce medicine that will make them even sicker, causing other diseases for which we will create other medicine. By our power we will make them weak, meek and submissive; they will become depressed, slow and obese. When they ask for help, we’ll give them even more poison! We will focus their attention on money and material things so that they will never discover their deep intimacy. We will distract them with sex, external pleasures and games so that they can never be the unity of the whole. Their minds will belong to us and do what we tell them to do, if they refuse we will find ways to incorporate thought alteration technology into their lives. We will use fear as a weapon, we will form their government as well as opposition to those same governors. We will own both camps. OUR GOALS WILL ALWAYS BE A MASK but OUR PLAN will always be in effect. They will do the work for us and we will prosper through their labor. OUR FAMILIES WILL NEVER MIX WITH THEIRS OUR BLOOD MUST NEVER REMAIN PURE BECAUSE IT IS SO. We WILL KILL THEMSELVES when it suits us, we will keep them out of unity through religions and dogmas. WE WILL CONTROL EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE, WE WILL CONTROL THEIR WAY OF THINKING, HOW TO THINK! We will lead them with gentleness and kindness by leading them to BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE THEIR OWN GUIDE. WE WILL CREATE A CLIMATE OF Animosity THROUGH OUR FACTIONS; WHEN A LIGHT SHINES IN THEM WE WILL PUT IT OUT BY RIDICULOUS OR DEATH ACCORDING TO OUR CONVENIENCE. WE WILL MAKE THEM TEAR UP BETWEEN THEMSELVES AND KILL THEIR OWN CHILDREN. We shall accomplish this BY MAKING HATE OUR ALLIE AND ANGER OUR FRIEND. HATRED WILL BLIND THEM TOTALLY AND NEVER REALIZE THAT WE WILL COME OUT VICTORIOUS IN THEIR CONFLICT. THEY WILL BE TOO BUSY KILLING EACH OTHER THEY WILL BATH IN THEIR OWN BLOOD AND KILL THEIR NEIGHBORS AS LONG AS WE SUFFER. they will not be armed. we will hire some of their to realize our plans. We will promise them eternal life which they will never reach because they are not ours. recruits will be called ′′ initiated ′′ and will be indoctrinated into believing they can reach heavenly realms through deceptive passage rituals. the members of this group of geniuses will be convinced of being integrated among us while they will never know the truth and they must never find out because then they will turn on us. for their work they will be rewarded with earthly things and titles but will never become immortal or part of us and will never receive cosmic travel light. they will always be deprived of access to the heavenly kingdom because killing those of their own kind makes the passage to this impossible. what will never be! the truth will be covered in their faces so close that they can’t focus until it’s too late. an illusion of freedom so huge that they will never know that they are in fact our slaves. when everything is in place the reality that we have created for them will possess them: it will be their prison. They will live in the illusion of themselves. When our goal is reached a new era of domination: will begin their minds will be bound in their belief. Belief that we have established since time immemorial, but if ever they discover they are our equal then we shall perish. of this they must never unsee. if they understand that together they can defeat us. They won’t act! they must never, ever find out what we have done because in that case we will have no place or run away so easy for them that we are once the veil is lifted. we will be judged on our actions that will reveal who we are, we will be hunted and no one will provide us shelter here is the secret covenant under which we will live the rest of our present and future lives since this reality will transform many lives and generations. this covenant is sealed by the blood, our blood, the one who walked the path of heaven to earth. this covenant must never ever be disclosed. it must in no way be discussed or written, otherwise the new generated consciousness will trigger upon us the fury of the original creator and thus we will be sent back into the darkness from which we came and will remain there as long as infinity itself ′′…….

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