How come football is more important than understand the mystery we call life?

By Alessandro Carosi

Ego says that we can do this and that, understand this and that but reality is that we are the result of what we have been told and the environment we come from, we are the result of many uncontrolled circumstances so to be conscious of something we need someone to make us aware, true is sometime we do become aware without anyone teaching us but that is out of our control but ego might tell us that we did it ourselves.

At this stage in my life I’m to a point that I bother less and less about the external and focusing more and more time on the internal or what we call Soul, I’m in this journey only temporary and all I know is that I’m a mystery and find now incredible that so many people spent their lives avoiding thinking about this but then I need to remind myself that I’m not special but I was lucky enough to get the right circumstances but who tells me that I’m lucky, what I know is that others won’t think about it cause they didn’t have my same circumstances and I can’t do anything except sharing my thoughts and experiences and be the one that might plant a seeds in other people Souls.

Since I made a shift in what I focus is when what we call extraordinary events took place, I won’t go trough all of them but lately in deep meditation I had a vision of a woman coated in Gold except the face at least what I can remember now and the same night a dream of a Dog that rescue me or someone else can’t remember but know to be a good sign, a new Angel have been assigned to me to guide me on my next life stage so how can I now focus on the material world when so much going on in the immaterial, I can’t and not any longer interested so I wish that more would start to shift cause I believe would be the beginning to a more joyful life experience on Earth but seems we are far away from that but in the endless universe time doesn’t exist so we aren’t close to it either far, we are all in the now and Love what we should focus about.

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