A past life from Spain

By Alessandro Carosi

I was talking with an Italian friend about Covid and how it could be an opportunity to evolve when he told me that the daughter that is now around 3 years old asked about me, I met her in August when I went back home in Italy to visit my Mum and apparently she ask about me often, I made a joke that maybe we knew in a past life and the father confirmed that could be possible, the little girl always talk about when she was Spanish in this little town by the Pink lake and the husband always being silly dressing as a woman and then a big earthquake, I know that could be possible so I sent him an article about kids recalling past lives……few days laters he contacts me with this big news that from the researches he made on the internet something interesting come out, a town by a Pink lake really existed and an earthquake the biggest in Spanish recorded history really took place killing hundreds of people, later in the post I will share some articles, for me she does remember something and apparently that is the age that many kids talk about past lives before becoming older and get completely sucked in our society and begin a journey of struggles and forget about life magic.

We don’t have proof that what she said is from a past life as we don’t have proof that there is life after death but in my journey I did receive informations from voices getting in touch in some of my deep meditations but like I always says, I have some pieces of a puzzle but not the bigger picture.

Something else come out from this story, my friend’s wife is a psychic with dreams foretelling the future but afraid of those gifts she repressed it and didn’t developed further, his daughter might have those gifts too but without her parents helping developing it they will go back in the storage and wasted, we don’t know as we don’t know the bigger picture but something going on in his family and I can’t believe we are here talking about a fucking football match instead spending our energy to understand why a damn ball we call planet floats in an endless universe but again maybe is how is supposed to be or maybe there is no “we” maybe there is only “me” and everything is for my personal evolution, who knows.

Have a read to those interesting articles about the Spanish town by the Pink lake and the earthquake


The most notable was the Torreviejaearthquake on March 21st in 1829, which completely destroyed the town and caused serious damage in Guardamar, Almoradí and Orihuela with hundreds of fatalities. This earthquake, reached a magnitude of 6.6 (measured on the scale used at the time) and resulted in 389 dead and 377 wounded…..https://www.benidormseriously.com/earthquakes-in-the-valencia-region


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