I wish I Knew how much I Loved you before losing you

By Alessandro Carosi

And then you begin to fall in Love but is too late cause you screwed up too much and you end up learning in the hard way, I wish I realised it earlier that I Loved you but maybe it was supposed to be like this ……. I love you Auckland

2013 New Zealand, memories of a sad day

“Hello my friends, I’m sorry to tell you this by facebook and not in person but it was too sad for me to say goodbye to everybody, immigration declined my visa friday and sunday I left NZ, I’m in Italy now and flying to london next week, I had a wonderful time in and found my balance I’m happy I had a chance to live in such a beautiful country and in a wonderful city like Auckland, I will do my best to trying to come back after 1 year but at the moment I don’t feel to say goodbye but just see you, I will miss all of you”

NZ Updates one year later, tried to go back but in Malasya I was refused boarding and sent back to London the day after, the funny Kiwi immigration cost me £2000 for one day holiday in Kuala Lumpur

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