Paolo Borsellino e Giovanni Falcone

By Claudio Gori

It is said that one evening Paolo Borsellino said to Giovanni Falcone, his great friend of all time these words: “Giovanni, I have prepared the speech to be given in church after your death: ‘There are so many shitheads: shitheads who dream of emptying the Mediterranean with a bucket… those who dream of melting the glaciers of the Pole with a match…. but today, ladies and gentlemen, in front of you, in this very expensive mahogany coffin, is the biggest dickhead of them all… One who had dreamed of nothing less than defeating the Mafia by applying the law”.

Not to forget!

I do not want the “like” but I ask you … not to be afraid to “dirty” your social media board by sharing this picture!!! I will never stop saying that: “THE MAFIA IS A MOUNTAIN OF SHIT”

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