We call it Life

By Alessandro Carosi

What allows our body to move, feel emotions, love? Different religions call it by different names and they believe that there is a divine essence that allows the body to go through this existence that we call “Life” from the moment we are born until we die, what happens then is not yet certain, in the course of our existence we meet people, we live adventures, we grow and learn, among the many souls with whom we happen to become traveling companions will establish bonds that may last for a day or forever, but what allows these encounters to be only casual or important? Who or what is it that makes us bond more with some people than with others? It seems that the soul is capable of recognizing who is on the same wavelength as us, something that the mind is not capable of. Forty years have passed in this short adventure that we call “Life” and my body is beginning to show the first signs of rupture due to the inevitable expiration date that is part of this mystery that is the greatest adventure that we can live “Life” itself, two old friends have come to visit me and as always happens when we meet, time loses its importance, It stops, nothing seems to have changed since we were young and strong, our bodies have changed, aches, pains, intolerances, hair and beards a little gray, but the soul has not aged, the soul can not age but can accumulate experiences and mature, the soul is ageless and perhaps immortal, The Soul is capable of recognizing its own kind and with whom it feels comfortable, the body seems to be only a kind of shell that at some point will lose its usefulness and abandon us, but perhaps the Soul will continue its adventure only in another form, I don’t have an answer but I have no doubt that I have been fortunate to have met so many wonderful souls in these 40 years that have made this adventure a beautiful journey, I don’t know when and how it will end but when my expiration date arrives I will be able to consider myself fortunate to have met special souls that have allowed this journey to be full of beautiful memories and unforgettable moments.

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