We need to wake up and we need to wake up quickly

By Alessandro Carosi

Someone very close to me had 3 Jabs and two weeks later developed a problem on her left leg and foot, she can’t move her toes and the side of the leg numb, today she done a blood test and come out she now suffer of immune deficiency and lacking of B12 that won’t be able to take as tablets but injected to her due the fact her body somehow can’t absorb it, we are talking about someone that done the some blood test before 3 jabs and was in great health but now quickly her health declining, I’m sure you heard about women periods coming late, not coming, coming twice or lasting longer then normal, she told me her daughter having this problem.

Wake up people please, I told you before and will tell you again, what is happening isn’t for our health, isn’t for our safety, this is darker then you think and we need to awaken fast cause they are playing something really dirty and you are just a number easily replaceable, take your power back and stand up, say no more cause we are a big family and we let a small percentage of mad billionaires dividing us for power and control, they are destroying the mental health of our kids and destroying families what you need more to understand that the time arrived to awaken, no fight, no violence, we don’t need that, we need to stop comply and will be game over, we have the power when we realise that we are one, we are family and that’s the reason they strongly trying to divide us, do you understand the game they are playing? There are no enemies cause we are family and United we can create a New Earth, no enemies, no borders, no exploitations, a new land where everyone biggest goal is to uplift and empower our fellow beings.

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