Do you want to be part of the revolution of the Soul or still be part of the problem ?

By Alessandro Carosi

There was a time I lived in Italy and everything was real, Jesus was real, the Italian national team was real, Xmas , Easter, new year, wow all of this was something I was looking forward in my real world then something happened and was suffering, no stop, more and more suffering till questioning the real world had no choice then to find answers, why we suffer? Why we born and die? Why this, why that? I was loosing my mind and suicide seemed the right solution, pharmaceutical companies gave me a great cocktail called Xanax that kept me calm and I could have had a part in zombieland for my amazing performance ….. as zombie, took my car and directed to the Salinello to jump and game over, 3 hours walking up and down the fences to jump but nothing happened, got the car back home.

Something needed to be changed and searched for natural remedies that in the form of “erboristeria degli angeli” a shop in viale de Gasperi saved my mental life, the owner asked me questions for 2 hours till got me the perfect mix of herbs that rescued me from being kidnapped from big pharmaceutical industry that makes millions keeping you sick and from that moment slowly event after event the so called reality crumbled in front of my eyes, I come to realise that all we call real is an illusion or at least everything is humans made up construct and if enough people is made to believe it then we call it reality but nothing is cause we have no or little answers to our existence that should be enough to make you questioning everything we see, touch or been told since we are kids, somehow this body we call our body feel and desire things but if not redirected toward a higher purpose can be the most dangerous tool to handle and what we call desires makes us want things that aren’t real but for that we can even kill and commit the biggest atrocities so now in the age of internet we got the chance to explore a different “reality” where we can find different answers to our questions and make our own thoughts not contaminated by our society corrupted way of see and doing things and that’s why they are trying to control the web, travelling never been so easy but this exchange of people, ideas and the possibility to see and touch different cultures got as result this new understanding that we are all the same and this create unity and that’s why a “virus” making harder to travel.

A bunch of people unaware of their emotions and driven by their ego and the illusion of reality control this world and the need of more and more that inevitably will keep them unhappy forever lead them to this perversion of controlling each human being, mentally, emotionally and physically, so what we want to do? Death will take us out of the game eventually but in the meantime the only way to change this illusion is to change ourselves cause there is nothing to change outside cause everything begins within.

We must change within and then with this new awakening we will find the answers not coming from our mind but from our Soul and I know now that the Soul all it wants is Love so now the question is?

Do you want to be part of the revolution of the Soul or still be part of the problem ?

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