You will own nothing and you will be happy

By Alessandro Carosi

Why we are accepting all of this? For one reason, fear of death….they created so much worries and dramas about Death that we are afraid so much of something we knew that would arrive anyway and anytime soon……so why worrying when the only problem here is that fear literally kill us much before our Soul will leave our body.

Why so many people accept masks and all the dictatorial restrictions from Autoritharian regime? is fear of Death but they killed your Soul already so which is the point to stay alive then much better to commit suicide that would be the quickest way to leave the game, still you allowed all of this because they made you believe that you must live as long as possible and to fear something inevitable, they told you to buy this and that even if you will never really enjoy it cause Death will take it away from you but still you allowed them to kill you alive while you still breathing, your fears allowed a bunch of billionaires dictate what is right or wrong for us irrespective of how many people died for depression, loneliness, drugs overdose and suicide for being deprived of the little things that had left but you still let them taking away everything for what??? Fear of Death but you should fear to be dead why you are alive a little submissive number in the hand of psychopaths billionaires that believe to be chosen by God or Satan to rule the world while you and your kids will suffer being happy owning nothing

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