Who are you? It was a pleasure meeting you

By Alessandro Carosi

I shared info about the current Covid lies situation with some friends and one of them I thought left London to Ibiza got in touch telling me that still in London and if I wanted to catch up, obviously I was very happy to do so, she tells me about some gatherings she organise nowadays and a cacao ceremony I know already done from other friends, happily accepted to join one of the meetings and to see her again.

It was a lovely evening and glad to have met other like minded people, we had prayers and meditations and as usual some strong emotions come to the surface, someone I have to deal with and I can’t postpone anymore, something beautiful happened while meditating and was the appearing of this lady or at least what I perceived as a woman, she had some sort of helmet like the one Doctor Xavier in the X-Men wears to connect with other people around the world, so now only Marvel fans will know what I’m talking about but don’t have any other way of comparison, I think an actress in Cloud Atlas was wearing as well in the final scene with Tom Hanks, not sure but I don’t think is of vital importance this detail but is what I noticed more in the vision, anyway, she looked at me with a maternal smile that made me feel well.

Who she was? Maybe my spirit guide or some higher entities reassuring me that I’m protected? Don’t know but was lovely enough to make me feel good and grateful enough to have had such a great evening with kind Souls

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