When you Love you can call it in whatever names but the result is always the same…..wonderful

By Alessandro Carosi

London, U.K. 2016 At the time when the distraction of the moment was Muslims Terrorist

Yesterday I went around as usual discovering the hidden London, I ended up in this peaceful suburb called Willensden green.
I found a Muslim mosque, a Buddhist temple and a Christian Church.
So we all know whats going on around the world at the moment (personally I do not believe about what news says cause I do believe that whatever they tell us is just a way to keep all of us busy discussing or arguing over something that I believe is just a way to distracting us from what is actually real, a war organized by few for power and money, anyway going back to the main subject what I wanted to say is, that city like London is the proof that every culture and religion can live togheter in peace, I get everyday at my coffee shop, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhist, Atheists sometime talking and joking togheter waiting for a coffe.
I wish one day we all gonna understand what really matter in life (money and power isn’t part of that) that day I believe it will be the beginning of a peaceful and beautiful era.

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