An Angel called Swan

By Alessandro Carosi

I have been thinking about you since New Zealand and now we went trough many countries and 10 years so why I can’t stop thinking about you? I know that I’m not going crazy but why you show up everytime I’m trying to cut those cords that unite us? all I want is to move on with someone I share same spiritual and life values but you are constantly inside my head like a hammer like if I shouldn’t give up on you but now I feel strongly that the only way is to come there regarding what I will find cause what tied us togheter is Karma and something need to be done, a line need to be draw and you become the past or the future either way I will need to take a decision if the universe didn’t already take it for us but I didn’t come so far in life with multiple life lessons and grow to just give up on find out what is the reasons that we are somehow connected…..worst scenario I will have an other beautiful story to tell to new generations and help them make better choices

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