Wake up

By Alessandro Carosi

What if there is nothing to change and it is how should be and as I said before the only thing to change is within….each of us and let the world run as should be, changing within might change the world around us even if look like all goes mad, I remember in one of Tiziano Terzani’s book where he moves to live like a Hermit on the Himalayas and meet an old man that like him decided to leave everything to focus on his inner change leaving world matters to other Souls in need to learn the same lessons, Terzani tells about the many discussions they had where the old man trying to teach him to stop trying to change the world cause there was nothing to change but Terzani that was a journalist with the dream to inform people about the unfairness of the world couldn’t accept the fact that no one can transform this planet and the people living in cause each of us got their unique inner journey.

The End is my beginning by Tiziano Terzani The Book
The end is my beginning The movie

Look inside yourself Change how you feel and the world will reflect your emotions back to you but will be your journey to be better not of all the people around you cause they need go through the same, now more then ever seems so true to me not only because I tried and many time have been like this but even cause I can see clearly the story keep repeating itself like a mad loop, I’m listening an audio book reccomended to me from someone on Reddit that talks about life after death and the lessons to learn on Earth, there is a chapter where the author talks how the majority of the world population are new Souls at the beginning of their spiritual journey, it makes more sense then covid19, look at the history and I can go backward to my last 43 years and seeing clearly how so few are learning from the history and many like in amnesia forgetting what happened just 10 years ago so I should focus much more energy to my inner awakening so do you, I begin to feel that the best advice I can give you is to shut that fucking phone for a while and stop watching world news and start to look inside yourself and focus on what really matter……you and your inner awakening.

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