A town on the top of a mountain and then an explosion of Red

By Alessandro Carosi

I just finished to meditate and going deep in my state and feeling I felt strongly connected, I had some visions, images of a city on the top of a mountain or at least what it felt like then an explosion of colours, actually just one colour……. Red

Instinctively I felt to be blood but then the images stopped and nothing more, there was no more and couldn’t understand what was about, could be everything but I hope that isn’t what I felt …

Now looking around I see Red everywhere, I’m gonna check what is the spiritual meaning ..

Red Color Psychology, Symbolism and Meaning

Red is a primary color. It represents passion, warmth, sexuality, but it is also known as a color that stands for danger, violence, and aggression. Red sits between violet and orange on the color wheel. Colors that are similar to red are rose red and red orange. The hex code for color red is #FF0000…..https://www.colorpsychology.org/RED/

13 Spiritual Meanings Of The Color Red

By Miller’s Guild

None are as bold, eye-catching, and daring as red when it comes to colors. That is why it is a color widely associated with emotions, horror, and love. The color has so many meanings that it is the most expressive color.

Whether you are a fan of the color red or not, you might wonder what the spiritual meanings of red are……https://www.millersguild.com/red-spiritual-meaning/

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