The enemy is the ego

By Alessandro Carosi

The world isn’t getting worst the world never changed the difference is that we can’t any longer look the other way so what we gonna do?

We don’t have choice cause history will repeat itself till the lesson have been learned so now we must make a huge change learning that within is the answer and the biggest challenge, alternative will be suffering and I’m sure that no ones Like the idea to struggle and pain so I’m convinced more then ever that the only solution is to go within while we stand strong United saying no to who is trying to create a new middle age, we don’t need a king/Multinational and a queen/politicians, we need to learn that if we are able to Love ourselves we gonna realise we don’t need someone to control us, we reached this point in this lifetime cause we refused to fight against the biggest monster, the most terrifying beast that is the ego and now we find ourselves facing the past back in our lives with Death, exploitations and inequality.

I can’t stop repeating it that is now, NOW!!! The time for transformation and there is no enemies out there, the enemy is right inside ourselves

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