A letter to my Father

By Alessandro Carosi

When I was living in Italy I could hear the furnitures creaking all the time at night and I always thought being a normal reaction of wood expanding or shrinking due to humidity and never gave much thoughts at it till few weeks ago when invited for dinner from a dear friend in Italy we spoke about his wife having experienced the view of a dead Soul when she was a kid and hearing the same creaking in the house where this dead Soul apperead making me pondering the possibility that my dead Father could have been around overlooking my family, since he died I could feel a presence behind me often especially when I was at home alone and few years ago in London asking to the Divine/Universe if my Father was one of my guides the day after out of blue my Aunt sent me a photo of my Father on his tomb in my hometown that made me think was his way to answer my question due the fact that there was no reasons for my Aunt to do that, never done before and never done it again since then.

So dear Dad, I like to believe you are guiding me in life and do need you now more then ever to help me, my brother and my little Niece.

Thank you

Kind regards

Your son

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