We aren’t powerless spectators

By Alessandro Carosi

Is life a reflection of what we feel within?

it seems like sometime and sometime I feel like out of control, I refuse to believe I’m a powerless spectator of the world cruelty, my life have been full of struggles but a lot of learnings that made me the human being I’m now, not perfect but better then what I used to be so there is meaning and order in what we perceive as chaos at least in my journey so not claiming to be true for everyone, maybe everyone need to find their purpose, I refuse to accept what is happening as something impossible to change cause I believe strongly that as soon I change within reality will change accordingly at least my external reality and I had proof of it many time so I beg you to try to shut down every fuckin media that only purpose is to distract you from your inner work and see what the power of good emotions can create for ourselves and the people around us.

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