By Alessandro Carosi

I was in London in my room in Fulham Sands End in a deep meditation and a voice shouted…….SLINGSHOT !!!!

I was at the beginning of my dark night of the Soul and many moons passed by, yesterday listening a podcast about coffee the host mentioned about a Swedish cafe’ called Slingy and somehow reminded me to that day…..somehow not really cause thoughts and events happen always for a reason same as when we remember things, Slingshot should be some sort of catapult for the Soul that after many struggles will be shoot to the best time of its journey…..let’s see !!!!

Here one of the many explanations about The Spiritual meaning of Slingshot ….



Are you ready to go deeper in your spiritual development? And we don’t mean more church. There’s more to you than that and we are certain you feel it.

Everyone is born with a certain capacity. It’s called potential. But what separates one who is deemed successful from another in reaching their fullest is connecting with our Creator and walking through this earth journey with an understanding of who we were created to be…the original design.

SlingshotU’s role is to assist you in connecting with your original design and walking alongside you to provide encouragement, strategies, and accountability as you explore.

This is the place. We’re ready to help you maximize your potential and live a more fulfilling life……

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