We are one but we are divided, we are family, we are Brothers and Sisters

By Alessandro Carosi

When we gonna live in peace? Seems unattainable but I believe there is a bigger picture for everything, nothing is dominated by chaos but order and all is a big lesson, we can’t refuse to care for one an other without seeing the consequences get back to us not as a punishment but lessons to learn from.

We are learning and need to learn to stick togheter one with an other cause out there there are many people that haven’t learned their lessons and want us divided for their personal gain, are they bad Souls ? no they are not, they are just Souls in their journeys that cause so much suffering on Earth and the only way to fight back is with Love, standing togheter United in Love, no fights, no harm, just standing togheter as Brothers and Sistets saying no more so that we can focus our energies to grow spiritually as a big family

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